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Get a view of the world with these 8 eye-popping window designs

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, are windows the eyes of a building? We’d like to think that is the case, as they fulfil a multitude of purposes. Aside from allowing a space to bask in natural light, windows also provide the person inside a building the opportunity to get a view…
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6 stencil and stained glass ideas to revamp your sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors are great. They let in natural light, which doesn’t just help with temperature control, but also holds psychological and other health benefits. Unfortunately, we’ve probably all seen someone walk into a squeaky clean sliding glass door, and you might even have had to replace a glass door after someone collided with it.…
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Glass-partitioned office spaces: a new window on your world

The popularity of the open-plan office space has increased notably in the past few years, with employers and their employees reaping the benefits of increased staff interaction, improved employee wellbeing and the reduced cost associated with keeping things airy in the office. Installing internal glass partitioning is the easiest way to keep with the trend…
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