Glass-partitioned office spaces: a new window on your world

The popularity of the open-plan office space has increased notably in the past few years, with employers and their employees reaping the benefits of increased staff interaction, improved employee wellbeing and the reduced cost associated with keeping things airy in the office.

Installing internal glass partitioning is the easiest way to keep with the trend of the open-plan office, while still ensuring that there is adequate privacy for things like board meetings.

We’ve scoured the internet for the most beautiful glass partitioning ideas for the office. Have a look at these stunning design options, and when you’re ready to remodel, give us a call!

Play with different materials

Glass ties in seamlessly with a number of other materials. You can decide to sleek it up with clean design, or opt for a combination with raw materials like exposed wooden beams. Depending on the company, both options look great.

Image 1


Image 2


Opt for interesting colour options

Glass lends itself to a variety of colour options. If you aren’t keen on clear glass and want to keep an air of mystery while not compromising on openness, these interesting colour options will have you swooning.

Image 3


Image 4


Brand it

Glass is a clean canvass that can be emblazoned with any design of your choice. Whether you go for company branding on the glass, or just decide to mark different office spaces, the world is your oyster when you decide to incorporate glass partitioning into your office space.

Image 5


Image 6


Image 7


Glass partitioning and balustrades may just be the facelift that your office is in dire need of. To find out how Aluway can make it happen, please contact us for more information about our internal partitioning and curtain wall options.

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