5 uses of aluminium that you might not have expected

Aluminium is widely used across a range of industries. At Aluway, this versatile metal is used in a myriad of ways, and this is not just restricted to our roller shutters and doors.

It is aluminium’s versatility that makes it useful in some ways that you might find interesting and surprising.

1. Paint

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When powdered aluminium is used in paint for wood and metal surfaces, the pearlescent (definition: “having a lustre resembling that of mother-of-pearl”) effect of the alumina (alumina is what aluminium oxide is also commonly called) flakes gives the paint a shiny finish.

2. Glass

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Aluminium oxide is an important ingredient in the production of glass. Oxide glass, made up of 90% alumina, is also used in the production of optic fibre cables.

3. Cosmetics

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You’ll find aluminium oxide in many cosmetic products, including blushers, lipstick and sunscreen. Aluminium oxide serves as an abrasive and an absorbent to prevent caking.

4. Fireworks

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Aluminium is used extensively as a pyrotechnic colourant – this is what gives fireworks their characteristic silvery-white colour. Together with other substances, aluminium flakes are also used as fuel in pyrotechnics.

5. Water treatment

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Aluminium oxide is used extensively in water treatment plants to precipitate out tiny particles and give you a clean glass of drinking water every time you open the tap.

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