Here’s the lowdown on roller shutters

We all grew up with roller shutter garage doors, but did you know that there are many other uses for these doors, other than keeping your car safe and secure?

Aluway specialises in aluminium roller shutters that are custom-made to fit your space, and there are numerous ways to incorporate them into your home or office as an extra security measure or decorative element.

Why use roller shutters?

There are a multitude of benefits that go with choosing roller shutters in your home or office. Aside from the fact that roller shutters are easily incorporated into home or office designs thanks to their versatility, did you know that roller shutters can also save you a buck or two in electricity costs, as they help with internal temperature control? Roller shutters also keep out noise and insects, along with other unwanted elements.

While burglar proofing your windows is an essential security measure in many parts of our country, a lot of people still find burglar bars quite unsightly. Roller shutters can easily take the place of burglar bars on windows, and if you prefer a more modern look, they can also double as curtains or blinds.

Roller shutters can be tailored to suit the colour scheme of your home or office, and when they’re open, they fit neatly into a discreet shutter box that also ties into the décor of a space.

In front of windows

Roller shutters that are installed in front of windows can be a replacement for burglar bars, blinds or curtains.


If there is an area in your home or at the office that you’d like to divide into two separate spaces without installing an extra door, roller shutters are a space-saving solution that can be decorated to suit the area. Roller shutters can also be installed to create as safe room in your home, or to close off your patio when the weather is bad but you still want to entertain.

As an extra security measure

Even if you already have a door with a security gate, or windows with burglar bars, aluminium roller shutters are an extra bit of peace of mind. Roller shutters are robust, providing an extra layer of security to set your mind at ease.

You’d be surprised at how many options are available when it comes to securing your home, and enhancing the appearance and value of it while you’re at it. If you are looking to install aluminium roller shutters in your home or office, give Aluway a call. We supply roller shutters that will fit the space you have in mind perfectly, and we also have a number of colour and finishing options to choose from.

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