5 ways in which you use aluminium every day

Aluminium is the second-most used metal in the world today, with only iron being used more widely. This makes the metal indispensable, and it is one that you use multiple times every day.

Here are five ways in which you (perhaps unwittingly) use aluminium daily.

1. The knives are out

Aluminium is used extensively in the manufacture of kitchen utensils and cutlery, due to its anti-corrosive, heat-conducting and heat-resistant qualities. You probably have aluminium foil in your pantry, too.

Image 1

2. The metal that won’t get canned anytime soon

Aluminium tins and cans are widely used for storage and packaging purposes across a wide range of industries, including the food industry.

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3. The powers that be

Due to its low weight and great conductivity, aluminium is used in the construction of overhead electrical cables.

Image 3

4. Licensed to ride

These days, the number plates that identify cars are manufactured almost exclusively from aluminium.

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5. Hold the phone

Aluminium is increasingly being used in cellphones and other electronic consumer products.

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